Sweet, glorious rest

This afternoon, as the day stretched its arms toward evening, I grew tired.  It’s cold outside (windchills of negative 15 to negative 25) and soft, dusty, powdery snow is blowing like waves in the 30 mph wind.  However the sun is shining on this white land which, to me, makes these deepest of winter days feel beautiful rather than bleak.

Around 3:30 or 4pm, I laid myself down in the middle of our king size bed.  It’s a new bed that we just got a couple months ago.  It feels absolutely huge and luxurious.  I laid down right in the middle for the first time… every other time I laid down in this bed I’ve been on “my side.”  I gathered the sheet and our ultra-soft beige blanket on top of me in heaps.  Sunlight streamed into the room through the blinds.

Pastor came into bed and laid right in front of me, based on the side I was facing.  I cuddled him under my arm.  Then Peanut came into bed on the other side of me, and burrowed comfortably into the blanket.  The dogs have a thing where they always want to be touching you, especially when lying down.  I guess that is where the whole idea of “doggy piles” comes from and it’s very true, at least for my two little guys.

So there the three of us cuddled and slept for one glorious hour in perfect peace, quiet and harmony.  It was a simple hour of my day and perhaps not blog-worthy.  But I am so thankful to be surrounded in such light, warmth and love.