I am from…

Just got this great idea from my friend Brooke.

... My sister either came up with this idea or found it somewhere.. don’t quiet remember but it’s too sweet not to share with the world. It’s a fun poetry exercise she did with her first grade students (it can be for any age!) entitled, “I am from.”

Here’s the idea:

1. Write down sensory memories from childhood/life. smell, touch, sight, hearing, taste

2. Think about sayings you heard often/ lyrics from songs, like… “don’t let the bed bugs bite” “safely in his bosom gather”

3. Think about things you smelled, food, mom’s perfume, or the feeling of a family blanket

4. Write the senses down, don’t explain them, but be detailed. Don’t just say, “I am from dad saying ” I love you more than the stars” say instead “I am from “I love you more than the stars.”

5. Put “I am from” before your memories. List some together.

Here is Brooke’s, which I love.  And here is mine:


I am from

I am from honeysuckle in the alley and racing bikes around the block

I am from shepherd’s pie, Grandma’s goulash, porch swings and pumpkin flesh

I am from “we built this city on rock and roll”

I am from twilight and catching lightning bugs

I am from back seat fights, two square, four square, tetherball

I am from late night drives to the 7-Eleven, a pop and a candy of choice

I am from church frankincense, myrrh and spikenard

I am from “everything is important, nothing is important”

I am from loud yelling about homework… not at me though

I am from Dad singing songs from the 50s and 60s, La Bamba, you can always go downtown

I am from the prairie, the sunrise, the big sky, the sunset.