Food Rules

What’s up blogosphere!  Man, I keep coming up with brilliant ideas for what to write about here, but then usually forget.  It’s like last night, I had this awesome dream that I came up with this 10-bullet point list of reasons why Obama and the Democrats are awesome and why Republicans aren’t, and then as soon as I woke up I forgot what was on the list.  Let me tell you though, I came up with it! : )  (No offense to my Republican friends. lol  You could write the opposite list and I would still love you.)

Well let’s see, it’s Saturday morning, errr afternoon now, and I’m just sitting here at home eating some Newman’s Own Spelt Pretzels that my mom bought us at Whole Foods the other day.    We went to get a few extra ingredients for fajita night and my wonderful mom also bought us some good snacks and groceries.  She is giving everyone she knows a copy of Michael Pollan’s latest book (and it’s an extremely short, coffee table style book) called Food Rules.  (Does Pollan know this has a double meaning as rules for eating food, and food (the real stuff) rules as in rocks!?  Hopefully he knew that himself and I am not the only super clever person in the room.)  My mom became a vegetarian after reading Skinny Bitch a few years ago (a book which has really tempted and somewhat motivated me to make the same switch).  She has been losing weight, building muscle mass and just all around getting super healthy and awesome — go Mom!  Her latest thing is really looking at all the nasty ingredients in processed, prepared foods — all the preservatives, harmful chemicals, unpronouncables and such.  The reason I bring all of that up was just to say that while she was looking forward to going to Whole Foods with me since they don’t have one in Fargo-Moorhead where she lives, she left saying how disappointed she was in the store for still carrying all the bad food.  I guess it’s a matter of what sells, and having both options for the consumer (the healthy and the tasty but not healthy at all).

I didn’t mean to get on a food kick here, just kind of stream of consciousness, but did anyone else watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution last night?  I only caught about 30 minutes of it because I had to go meet Tom for dinner, but it’s really great that something like this is happening and that it’s on TV.  Basically this chef from the UK has gone to the most unhealthy and obese county in the United States (it’s in West Virginia), and he’s going to assess and then totally revamp the school menu that children there eat five days a week.  It was tough to watch him with the lunch ladies who, though meaning well, didn’t understand that there was any problem with all the frozen and fake food they were serving and just as sad, had no idea that they could prepare fresh, healthy, real food for West Virginia’s children at about the same cost and timeframe.  I loved his comment that he doesn’t care if adults choose to eat crap, but he does care if we serve it to children.  I agree and we must give them the best chance of a healthy life as possible.  I hope I can catch more episodes of this show.

Well I have much more to say but gotta go, so I will continue with more random posts later on.


Cathartic Thanksgiving rant

Ah, a new post.  And I love the big blue “Publish” button on the right hand side of my screen.  To think!  All the real paper, and ink, and candlelight, and blood, sweat and tears it used to require to publish something.  Thanks to the internet, we can all be published, and published immediately, for better or for worse.

Though I usually love writing, I often struggle with writing at work.  Partly that’s because copywriting is a totally different kind of animal.  There’s no room for stream-of-consciousness, diary-style, emotional downpour in the world of words for money.  You have to sell benefits (NOT features!), be succinct, grab attention, connect with YOU the reader, be witty.  There are rules.  So when I’m not feeling in the zone, copywriting is not all that fun (forget that I had a copywriting business for a few years… lol  but writer’s block falls on the just and unjust alike.)

The other difficult thing about writing at work is just the committee factor.  Granted, I hate having to write something that will go out to the masses without anyone offering me any feedback or even a simple proofread.  But on the other hand, there’s nothing more maddening than 3, 4, 5, 6 or more people continually sending you their edits on a piece.  This happens often at my job.  One is tempted to slap oneself silly when such a process not only happens, but sprawls out across email after email (and they use 4 colors!  Red for deletions, blue for additions, orange… see?  Can’t remember.  I am pretty sure this is why change tracking was developed by the fine folks at Microsoft.)

I also find it funny when people argue with you over something subjective.  Do I just nod my head and agree, or do I fight for my word choice?  I try to go the “I disagree, but no matter…” route as much as possible.  These type of things just aren’t worth fighting over.  I just find it amazing that people feel something subjective can be treated as objective.

Anyway, I’m just a person who loves her job but today is a little frustrated by some of the minutiae that make up a day of work… and I’m not even getting into the REAL details! : )

It is probably because it’s day one of a two-day work week… day two being Tuesday.  And days three through seven being Thanksgiving week vacation time!  My brother and sister-in-law are driving down from Minnesota (they literally live on the river in Fargo, ND, but they live in Minnesota).  (Ooh, I think you need a picture for that.  There you go.  Although I don’t know why the two cities look so far away in the map — they are just one city really.)

Anyway, so all I can think of doing right now is cooking, baking, watching our two dogs play together (cousin dogs!), seeing family, going for walks, sitting near the fireplace, watching the Macy’s parade, watching movies, drinking Miller Lite (heh), playing pool, watching Tom and Michael work on some household projects, uhh… that about sums it up.  Oh, and maybe going down to the Plaza for the big Christmas lighting!  Hopefully no shopping though.  I don’t want to be in a store on Black Friday.

Well this has been cathartic… I’ve realized that my writing/work frustrations, at least on this day, are nothing more than a girl who is longing for a family holiday. lol  See, stream-of-conscious writing is useful after all (but not for selling products!).

May you, whoever and wherever you are, having a happy Thanksgiving.  I am coming to think of Thanksgiving as a holiday that is just as spiritual as Christmas and Hanukkah (if not more… since the retail establishment has yet to totally ransack the fourth Thursday in November.  They can have the fourth Friday — bah humbug).  The starting point for all spirituality, from my humble point of view, is realizing that everything we have is a gift… and basking in that gratitude.  If we can celebrate rather than expect things in life, well then even the most simple thing is a cause for real joy.

(Also, who doesn’t like a holiday that has to do with pilgrims, Indians and the early colonial era? : )